Dog Training Story- ‘Max’ -The movie

This is not the typical dog training story. The movie ‘Max,’ will be released on June 26. It’s about a teenager dealing with the loss of his brother, a United States Marine killed in action in Afghanistan. Surviving the attack that killed his handler and now retired is Max, a heroic Belgian

and military dog who […]

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Dog training and child safety

As an Atlanta dog trainer I’m always concerned when I see stories about dog bites. Recently I saw in the news that a newly adopted Bulldog severely bit a four year old child. The child was trying to stop the dog from going outside. Why any parent would put their four year old child in […]

If you like it you should’ve put a ring on it

Unlike Beyoncé’s song this is not going out to all the single ladies, but to all the dog owners.   If you like your dog you should put a ring or even better an ID tag on it.

My neighborhood has a list serve to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on. There are several […]

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Christmas Puppy! Now What?

So you got a puppy for Christmas, congratulations. No one gets a puppy thinking they would ever give him up, but a lot of Christmas puppies are surrendered before Valentine’s Day? What happens that could make someone go from feeling incredible joy and love for their little fluff ball to calling rescue groups, pounds and […]

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