Dog Training Story- ‘Max’ -The movie

This is not the typical dog training story. The movie ‘Max,’ will be released on June 26. It’s about a teenager dealing with the loss of his brother, a United States Marine killed in action in Afghanistan. Surviving the attack that killed his handler and now retired is Max, a heroic Belgian

and military dog who […]

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Dog Days of Summer Dog Safety

Summertime is fun time for you and your dog to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. But it also presents situations that can be dangerous for your pet. By educating yourself and taking some precautions you can lessen the chance of injury or illness for your dog this summer:
Watch Out for the Dog Days of Summer


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Dog training and child safety

As an Atlanta dog trainer I’m always concerned when I see stories about dog bites. Recently I saw in the news that a newly adopted Bulldog severely bit a four year old child. The child was trying to stop the dog from going outside. Why any parent would put their four year old child in […]

Secure dogs when workers come over

When I have friends over my dogs are usually out and interact with my guests except for the rare visitor who does not like dogs. It is a different situation when workers come over. First of all I have no idea how a worker feels about dogs. He could have been in homes where the […]

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Help your dog survive Halloween

Halloween is a particularly challenging holiday for some dogs. It presents the stimuli that can make dogs crazy with alarm and reactivity: a doorbell ringing constantly; the dog’s humans – sometimes with scary hats and wigs – running to that door repeatedly and opening it wide; truly terrifying masks and costumes on little people who […]

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