It’s great to be able to walk your dog off leash and in spite of leash laws that forbid it in Atlanta; I don’t have a problem with people walking their dog off leash if the dog is under control. This morning I was walking my dog on Highland Ave when I spotted a small poodle-ish dog running toward me and who I only assume was the owner 20-30 feet behind. The dog ran up to my dog sniffed and moved on. The owner acted like it was no big deal and did nothing to control her dog.

In this case other than me being annoyed at the owner’s lack of respect or care for anyone but herself there was no harm done, but there are many good dogs that are leash aggressive. If this cute little dog had ran up to one of these he could have been seriously bitten and the lady would have screamed to the world that her little dog was sweet and was doing nothing wrong. Many dogs that are not aggressive can start to react aggressively when they are on leash and encountered by a dog.

If you have worked with your dog and you are confident that you can keep him safe on a busy Atlanta street congratulations. But no matter how sweet, friendly or playful you think your dog is, please call him to you when you approach dogs and people. I think it is the courteous thing to do and shows proper dog etiquette.

Also please pickup your dog’s poo and dispose of it properly.