This is not the typical dog training story. The movie ‘Max,’ will be released on June 26. It’s about a teenager dealing with the loss of his brother, a United States Marine killed in action in Afghanistan. Surviving the attack that killed his handler and now retired is Max, a heroic Belgian

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and military dog who served his country alongside the marine. Max is taken in by the teen’s family who are faced with the difficulty of helping the traumatized dog.

This is a wonderful ‘Hero’ story about the amazing work done by our military men, women and dogs, but we know that many who see it will immediately want to own a dog like Max. We’ve seen several examples of Hollywood’s portrayal of a particular dog breed in a movie to cause people to feel they need to own that breed.  Shortly after the movie 101 Dalmatians was released there was a rush to buy Dalmatian puppies. A year later rescue groups were overflowing with unwanted Dalmatians. Animal shelters were overrun with Chihuahuas following the release of box office hits ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ and ‘Legally Blonde’. In an effort to protect the good name of the Belgian Malinois breed, Atlanta Dream Dogs- Home Dog Training wants to highlight the type of care and training this breed requires.

Due to their high drive and motivation to work, the Belgian Malinois is the dog that police, rescue and military use. ‘Max’ is sure to be a popular movie and will most likely cause dog lovers to fall head-over-heels for this extraordinary breed. While the Belgian Malinois is a great dog, it is not really the ideal breed for a novice dog owner, inexperienced handler or for the typical family pet– this breed can be high energy and very intense. The AKC states, “Problems arise, though, when this smart, people-oriented dog is underemployed and neglected.” Malinois are intelligent, extraordinarily active dogs. Anyone thinking about getting one should research carefully before you own one to ensure it is the right dog for you and your lifestyle. This is not a “couch potato” dog.

Without an owner’s commitment to provide the dog with the exercise, mental stimulation and leadership a Belgian Malinois requires, these dogs could suffer the same fate as other breeds highlighted in previous Hollywood blockbusters – homeless in shelters and at rescues – or worse. While any dog improperly trained can be a problem, this is a breed that can cause a lot of damage. This is not a toy dog, but one that requires a serious owner that is committed to doing a lot of training and work with the dog every day to be sure it’s adequately stimulated and exercised.  More information about Belgian Malinois dogs can be found at The American Belgian Malinois Club .