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Couple with dog

Great Experience

We got our dog Belle from the pound. She was approximately a year old. Immediately we knew that we were in trouble. Belle was very difficult to manage. Neither my wife nor I knew how train a dog. We called Max. After our first session with him, we had confidence that we would be able to handle our new addition. Max worked with us for a year. He always made himself available and was happy to meet with us as new problems emerged. Max worked with us on problems that we had with controlling Belle on walks, aggression with other dogs, backyard play, and several commands. We enjoyed our sessions very much. Max has a nice easy manner and is extremely knowledgeable concerning all aspects of dog training. Belle is now a great, well-behaved, fun dog. Max trained us all very well!

Steve & Carol W. – Decatur http://www.kudzu.com   

Happy customer, Laurel with Dora

The best thing I’ve done for my pup!

I was at my wits end when my dog, Dora, began unexpectedly lashing out toward other dogs. She had stopped listening to my commands and began acting very uneasy and aggressive around other dogs. We had been to many group trainings in the past and I knew I needed something more personalized to nip the problem in the bud. As soon as I spoke with Max, I knew he would be our best shot at helping to turn our situation around. Rather than evangelizing about just one training style, Max incorporated a range of training techniques into our work together. Max always met us at a place that was relevant for our lives so we could work on real life situations together. He came to our house; he joined us on a walk around our neighborhood; and accompanied us to the park. Everything about his approach was very tailored to what I was comfortable with and what he thought would be most effective with Dora. The results were amazing. I can’t rave enough about how much happier Dora and I both are after having worked with Max. She reliably listens to me is able to control her impulse when she’s triggered by another dog and I get to be the proud dog owner that I’d always hoped to be. I feel confident that I have to tools to deal with any situation that comes up in the future. Do yourself a favor and reach out to Atlanta Dream Dogs. You won’t regret it!

Laurel G. – Atlanta http://www.kudzu.com

Father and daughter with dog

Fantastic Dog Trainer

This is a very experienced, professional dog training company. Highly responsive, great training tips, and very family friendly. We loved how effective, gentle and understanding they were with our new puppy, and they were particularly thoughtful helping our 11 year old feel involved in the training process. They provided quick responses to phone calls and have been calm and confident when unexpected circumstances arise. We really liked that they are very connected in the community in terms of referrals and resources that might benefit our puppy. They’ve been extremely helpful in integrating our puppy into our home and our lives. We love Atlanta Dream Dogs and recommend them highly and without reservation!

Doug S. Atlanta http://www.kudzu.com 

Max is the best!

Max is the best! Atlanta Dream Dogs was referred to us by a friend for our then 1.5 year old rescue black lab, Bama. While she was a good dog from the start, she was a complete disaster of pulling and yanking during walks. Max came to her home turf of our house and neighborhood and trained us on how to train her (that’s the key…it’s not the dog, it’s usually the human). The very next day she was walking exactly as she had been trained. And then to top it off, Max comes back to your house as many times as you want over the course of the year if you buy that package. When I talked to other dog owners, they said that they paid upwards of $700 for nowhere near the service that Max delivered to us for much less! Todd E. Atlanta

 Today we have a happy, well-trained dream dog

When we got our new Jack Russell mix puppy neither of us had trained a new dog in more than 20 years. We called Max to help with our very energetic new family member, and the results have been excellent. Max came to our home, showed us what to do and how to do it, and helped us get started on the right foot. Today we have a happy, well-trained dream dog, and as she grows older, we are using the knowledge Max gave us to train her on new commands and to eliminate undesired behaviors. We recommend Max and Atlanta Dream Dogs highly. A trainer/teacher with his experience and proven track record of success is a treasure.- Rick M. Atlanta

Perfect for our new Puppy

We brought home an eight week old Golden Retriever puppy and immediately engaged Max Alligood from Atlanta Dream Dogs to assist us with starting things off on the right paw. 🙂 Maxed helped us determine the best way to set up our living space for our new puppy – where to keep her during the day, where she would sleep at night, how to house train her, etc. He answered any and all questions we could come up with – both during the home visits and by phone / email. Over the next 4 weeks, Max helped us during each visit to start with some basic training commands and begin leash training to walk our puppy. Max was a great help for our puppy to have a smooth transition to her new home! Chris G. Atlanta

This is a very, experienced, professional dog training company

This is a very, experienced, professional dog training company. Max Alligood is highly responsive, gave us really wonderful and creative training tips, is very family friendly, and throughout our experience with him, he showed great thought and insight into our puppy’s personality and needs. We loved how effective, gentle and understanding he was with us and our new puppy, and he was particularly adept at helping our 11-year-old feel involved in the training process. Max provided quick responses to phone calls, and on one occasion when we were out of town and experiencing a bit of a puppy crisis, he was tremendously helpful in immediately getting back to us and offering informed recommendations and solutions. He was calm, confident and reassuring with us throughout this event. We love that Max is very connected in the community in terms of referrals and resources that might benefit our puppy. Max has been extremely helpful in integrating our puppy into our home and our lives. We love Atlanta Dream Dogs and are so happy we found them. We recommend Max most highly and without reservation. Doug S. Atlanta

It was a very personalized experience!

Max is a very friendly and professional dog trainer- we really enjoyed our sessions with him! He gave us a lot of instruction and perspective on how to be good dog owners and get desired behavior from our dog, and we practiced techniques with his help until we were confident on our own. He helped us with specific issues like having her walk attentively by our side rather than pulling, and more general issues of reaction to other dogs, and helping us with tips on introducing a new puppy in our home. It was a very personalized experience: he came to our home, we practiced in our neighborhood, he assisted with our concerns and anticipated others we hadn’t thought of. Our results have been a model dog, and if there are ever issues, we now know how to deal with them (and who to call if we can’t)! It is a huge relief, we are very happy, and highly recommend Max!

Compassionate and knowledgeable of training and behavioral issues.

When I rescued an 18 month old male Labradoodle, we fell in love from Day 1, but he needed some serious training. My vet referred me to Max Alligood, Atlanta Dream Dogs. It has been the very best experience for both of us. Max has taught us many things, and continues to support me with individual training sessions, online information, book suggestions, training aids, and more help than I ever expected. At the same time, he is compassionate with both of us and knowledgeable in all sorts of training and behavioral issues. I have the best possible relationship with my dog I could ever have, and I sincerely owe his and my successes to Max. I hope anyone looking for a dog trainer calls Atlanta Dream Dogs. You, too, will be writing 5 star reviews, and referring everyone with dog training needs to Atlanta Dream Dogs!