When I have friends over my dogs are usually out and interact with my guests except for the rare visitor who does not like dogs. It is a different situation when workers come over. First of all I have no idea how a worker feels about dogs. He could have been in homes where the dogs acted aggressive and the owner would not do anything to correct the dogs and assured him “he won’t bite”. He may not like dogs or worst of all he may believe he is a dog expert and tries to prove it by correcting your dog inappropriately. The worker is not in your home to see your dog or to protect your dog. The worker may be going in and out and not think about keeping the dog from rushing out. He may step over your sleeping dog and accidentally kick the dog and the dog may react badly.

One thing that our dogs want more than anything else in the world. They want to feel safe. As their leader, their teacher, their boss, it is my top priority to make sure that they always feel safe in any situation.

It would be best to be with your dogs while the workers are there. Have them in your office with you or in the back yard playing with you. This allows you to redirect their attention back to you if they start to become too focused on the sounds the workers might be making. It is your way to confirm “It’s OK, you are with me.” Maintain your leadership and role of caregiver and you will secure your dogs’ respect, love, and obedience. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at 404-805-2482.