Dog Days of Summer Dog Safety

Summertime is fun time for you and your dog to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors. But it also presents situations that can be dangerous for your pet. By educating yourself and taking some precautions you can lessen the chance of injury or illness for your dog this summer:
Watch Out for the Dog Days of Summer


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Walk your dog on the best side for him

I recently posted a video of a client walking her dog on her right side and immediately another trainer questioned me about this. If you have ever been to a dog training class or worked with a professional trainer you were most likely taught to walk your dog on your left side. You may have […]

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Control your dog

It’s great to be able to walk your dog off leash and in spite of leash laws that forbid it in Atlanta; I don’t have a problem with people walking their dog off leash if the dog is under control. This morning I was walking my dog on Highland Ave when I spotted a small […]

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