In-home Training is Personal

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Private in-home dog training is tailored to the needs of your dog, your schedule, and your environment. In-home training is great for puppy training, addressing problem behaviors, teaching manners, and more. Every dog is different, so training facility one-size-fits-all approach isn’t successful. Whether your pet requires obedience lessons, behavior modification, or a combination of both, we can personalize an in-home program for your needs.

Advantages of private in-home lessons over traditional Atlanta dog training classes:

  • You get all my time and attention with customized, one-on-one instruction. Lessons also include a detailed summary of the dog training exercises covered and follow up handouts for your review and practice.

  • In-home dog training better addresses “household” behavioral concerns cannot be resolved in group classes or boarding training such as: puppy potty training, nuisance barking, destructiveness, puppy nipping, jumping, manners, resource guarding, counter surfing, timidness, fearfulness, separation anxiety, digging, chasing, bolting outside, new pet introductions, preparing for a new baby, rough play with young children, leadership issues, and much more.

  • Get started training earlier. By training in-home, you can begin Puppy Start Right training as early as 8 weeks old. Group classes require several rounds of vaccinations to participate. By the time you are allowed to start classes, your puppy has already learned a slew of bad behaviors and housebreaking is more difficult.

  • The whole family is involved! From adults to children, everyone learns the same lessons so the message remains consistent with the dog.

  • Learning happens quickly when your dog is on familiar turf. Since your pup can master behaviors quickly, we can add real world distractions and proof those behaviors in the same environment you and your dog live in.

  • Busy schedules are ok. Private in-home dog training lessons are great for those with schedules that prohibit regular weekly attendance at a group class.

  • Skip the travel hassle. You save time, gas, and traffic avoiding the travel to and from classes.

  • Your pup can focus. Private dog training is the perfect solution for highly distractible dogs that don’t do well in a class setting or have not responded to dog training in the group setting.

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